January 29, 2006 at 12:11 am (General, Gurl Stuff)

Since I have no desire to purchase a new domain and do all the hard work that comes along with it, this was a great alternative. Kinda miss posting and blog hopping with my near and dear…so this should help ease that 🙂

If you dont have a domain and really want a nice blog, check out wordpress.com and get one free! Gotta love free 😉

Been really snowy here the past few days, had to leave work 4 hours early because we were worried we wouldn’t even make it up the hills! I took a quick snap of it out my door, not a great pic, but it was snowing so hard it made it tricky, but you get the idea I’m sure 🙂

I think I’ll go pop a movie in and enjoy the rest of my day off, tomorrow will be a busy day, people always have internet problems on a Sunday!



  1. Del said,

    YAY!!!! So happy to see you on here again sissy!! All updated on my sites now 😛 *smooches* }

  2. Line said,

    Hey girly 🙂 So glad to have found you again 🙂 Missed seeing you around LOL..and your humor 🙂 Wow…send some of that snow this way will ya LOL…we have NONE 😦
    Ok, i’;m getting ready for work…have a good one 🙂

  3. gonnashine said,

    la la la la……….gonnashine….gonnashine………gonnashine!! So just keep that dang snow up there in Caaaaannnnaaaada woman – don’t want ANY crossing Michigan’s borders – got it????? Hmmmm….might just have to send my Marine up to visit ya’ll!! hahahahaha

    Hugs to you Mel-a-rino

  4. gonnashine said,

    la la la…gonnashine…gonnashine…gonnashine……
    OK Caaaaaaaaannnnnnaaaada…..keep the snow north of my border……..Love, Michigan

  5. Jana said,

    *WOOOT* Glad you went this root Melody! I forget I got a LJ at times so I know I miss some stuff. Excuse the typing I got my mittens on from looking at the pic. It is so gray and deary here. I could use some snow, like that is going to happen *sob*

  6. Jenn :) said,

    Congrats on the new blog!! 😀 Ugh…you have an awful lot of snow there…I don’t envy you 😛 I’m not a huge fan of snow after living in Iowa for four years…I really had my fill of it there! I hope you enjoyed the day off, and that today hasn’t been too busy for you, so far! (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. sandy said,

    woohoo!!!! it’s so nice to see ya posting on here again 🙂 i guess that i will have to update my bloggy a little more often now lol *hugs*

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