January 30, 2006 at 7:31 pm (General, Gurl Stuff)

I’m so bored! I hate having different days off then Chris, too boring in this house! Nice to have it off though, yesterday was so busy!  I felt so bad, my headset was not working right and I had to disconnect on 3 people 😦 I hated the thought that they sat on hold for a good hour if not longer only to be told they had to call back because the headsets were not working right. After about 20 minutes we had it all squared off and could properly take calls.
I started my shift with 45 people waiting in the queue, barely had time to breathe between my phone calls. When I logged off at 12:15am there were a total of 48 waiting to be taken, insane! Most of my calls were over a hour long each, so I didn’t get to help too many. Majority of the calls were due to stupid spy ware. It didn’t help either that my one program would not let me change passwords for accounts so I had to constantly stick people on hold and wait for a supervisor to come do it. I am hoping tomorrow is a little more calm and things work the way they are suppose too.

Today I need to sanitize wine bottles, our wine is finally ready to be bottled! I have to stick bottles in the tub, scrape off labels, sanitize em, then put new labels on so I can get the wine in there. Big process, but so worth it. Can’t wait to try that stuff out! This weekend I am going to pick up another kit and start another batch up, thinking of getting Chianti, that is such good wine. Yumm 🙂



  1. gonnashine said,

    Sorry you had so many glitches at work Mel but am still glad you moved over to support!!! Wine eh? Yummy!!!! Have a great day and I lubs ya!!!

  2. ubuntonista said,

    Thanks for the link from the sidebar! Glad to know someone reads what I write 🙂

  3. techygurl said,

    Great blog, I check it quite frequently! 🙂

  4. Jana said,

    Yikes, what a day at work. Could not be fun telling people to call back or to hold. We get a little hyper when tech support does that. I have a friend who’s husband makes his one beer Texas Bullfrog I think he named it. Pretty good if you like beer which I don’t care for to much. Wine is another matter ? What are you using to make it ? We have something called muscadine that is popluar here.

  5. Line said,

    Hey girly…send some of that wine this way will ya? LOL
    Sorry things were so hectic at work. Hope you have a better day tomorrow 🙂 Hugz

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